ListenMonster 2.0 is Live

August 16, 2023, was a special day for us. That’s when we first introduced ListenMonster 1.0 to the world. We were hoping just a couple of people would give our website a try.

Guess what? It turned out way better than we expected! In just a month, ListenMonster became a big hit. We were talked about in lots of newsletters and featured on many websites.

Fact: We’ve gained over 500 backlinks and now, we see more than 150 new users joining us every day. That’s amazing!

Because of this fantastic response, we’re super excited to announce ListenMonster 2.0.

What’s New in ListenMonster 2.0?

Paid Plan: We introduced our paid plan to users. Just at $37, you can transcribe for a lifetime. You will get 600 minutes every month.

Guest -No sign up requiredRegistered usersPro-Paid Users
Max 10 MB file Max 50 MB File Up to 1 GB
Max 30 Files/Daily 120 minutes/month600 minutes/month
Paste Links to Transcribe
Speaker Diarization

Easy Login and Sign Up: Now you can create your own free ListenMonster account! This means you can upload your files and check them anytime you want. Plus, you can line up several files in a queue and we’ll handle them one by one.

Sign up and login

Share from Your Favorite Platforms: Pro users can share web links such as Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Drive, Apple Podcasts, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. You can also paste any web link that ends with.mp4 and other supported media platform.

Paste Links to Transcribe

Registered users get All Formats: Registered users (Free and Pro) Can download all 3 formats of transcribed files

All formats

Editor: Register users can edit their transcription and correct AI mistakes. If you think you messed up don’t worry you can revert with one click.

Screenshot 2024 02 22 at 5.30.21 PM

Who’s Speaking? We Know!: One feature you all have been asking for is speaker diarization. This means we can now tell who is speaking when in your transcriptions. Cool, right? This feature is available for pro users.

Speaker Diarize

What is Next?

Smart Editor: Better better that will let you find and replace, customize the number of words in each timestamp and even better experience for editing transcription

Smart editor

Video with Built-in Subtitles: Yes, soon you will be able to add hard code animated subtitles to your videos.

Ask AI: Get Transcripts summarization, Social media posts, Blog posts, etc with one click with the help of AI.

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