Subtitleo Alternative For Captions 2024

Subtitleo is a caption-generator tool for social media videos. Subtitleo was free a few months ago now you can only export 8 videos per month in the free plan.

I have also come across some bugs while testing Subtitleo.

So if you are looking for free subtitleo alternatives then you are on the right page.

Few of these caption generator tools are free while some of them are paid. You can’t get all features for free however if you are looking for a less feature-free version then go with free versions.


1. CapHacker

Caphacker is one of the best tools to add captions to your videos. Currently, it is Free, there is no paid plan.

You can export unlimited videos in the free plan without any watermark.


You can upload video sizes up to 200 MB. Caphacker is using whisper from speech recognition.

In case you don’t know whisper is developed by OpenAI and most accurate speech-to-text solution in the market.

User can edit the caption, and customize the style (Font family, background color, font color, size, position, etc). Font plays very import role in captions. Here are the best font for youtube shorts

So why spend money on Subtitleo when you can get Caphacker for FREE.

2. Capcut

Capcut is a very famous cloud-based video editor. There are a lot of features available in this video editor

Subtitles are just one of the features of Capcut. Capcut is also free however they are charging money for cloud-based.

You will get 1 GB space in the free plan which is not a lot in 2023.

Capcut speech-to-text is less accurate compared to Subtitleo. However, another problem with Capcut is it adds lengthy lines of captions.

It looks good on 16:9 videos however not optimized for 9:16 or short content. Basically, it is not readable.

You can adjust the number of words in each time fragment however it is time time-consuming process

Capcut provides you all the customized features from changing font family, color, size, background layer, and animation.

There are pre-made styles as well that you can apply with one click.

3. Submagic

This is another alternative to Subtitleo. However, it is pretty expensive.

Submagic’s free plan lets you export 3 videos per month with a watermark on it.

Their paid plans are starting at $20/month. This basic plan lets you export only 20 videos per month.

Submagic can help you add emoji, there are pre-made templates. You can also add Broll and And automatic zoon.

Submagic is a fantastic tool for adding captions however video export is sluggish and it is pretty expensive.

4. Zubtitle

Zubtitle is very another strong alternative Subtitleo. Pretty much you are getting the same functions. Just like Subtitleo, it is free to try with watermarked results.

Zubtitle has some features that Subtitleo doesn’t have for example progress bar, Video resize and pre-made templates that are way better than Subtitleo.

Zubtitle dashboard: Submagic alternative

You can also upload your own srt file. Zubtitle also lets you upload your own font. You can also generate Overall video titles and descriptions using their built-in AI, I find Zubtitle is way better than Subtitleo.

Here are the details of their plan.

2 videos per month10 videos per month30 videos per month
720p ExportResolutions up to 4KResolutions up to 4K
Zubtitle watermark addedWatermark RemovedWatermark Removed
Premium supportPremium support

5. Captions AI

This app took the short form creator by storm. It has so many AI features that you probably will not find in any other video editor. Basically it has all AI editing features that you can imagine.

Currently, this is only available for iPhone users, you can get a 3-day free trial. Their paid plans start at $9.99/month.

Captions AI

Captions is just one of the feature of this, its templates are also amazing. It automatically highlights important words.

Except for subtitles, it can also clone your voice. Its AI Eye contact feature is super useful, it lets you change eye position at the camera no matter where you are watching while recording the video. It is super useful when you can’t remember the script.

AI Lipdub, lets you change lip movement according to text that you have edited. In other words, when it transcribes the text, you can edit the text and it will adjust the lip movement according to the text.

You can also remove the video background, its AI Director automatically adds Zoom and transitions, and automatically adjusts the colour.

AI trim can automatically remove the filler words. AI color grading can let you copy color grades from any video that you can paste with one click. AI color scheme will generate the color from the given text prompt.

This app also let you automatically generate metadata such as hashtags, title, and description automatically.

AI Dub lets you dub your videos into any other language. Basically, it will first transcribe your content and then translate it. After that, it will clone your voice and then generate speech. In the last, it will adjust your lip movements too. All this in one click.

Except for it, this app has many more cool features.

Currently, Captions AI has more than 3 Million users and don’t forget it is only available for iPhone users.

6. ListenMonster: Free Subtitleo Alternative

Currently, listenmonster is a 100% free transcription & subtitle tool. it is completely free, totally unlimited and no sign-up is required. Simply upload and transcribe.

However, you can export results in Subtitle (.srt) or transcribe (.txt) format. You need to use a Video editor to burn over to your video.

Listen Monster

Sometimes you might see long lines in each timestamp. However, our team is working on Subtitles for Short-form content only. Where you will get only 3-4 words in each timestamp, you can do customization like font family, colour, size, position etc.

Stay tuned we will launch it soon for absolutely free.

7. Filmora with Speech-To-Text Add-On

Filmora is a very popular video editor among content creators, especially Youtubers. In the beginning, it used to be a very basic editor however today the Wondershare team added many features for example masking, keyframe, motion tracking, pre-made templates etc. Now it is one of the most powerful video editors.

Recently team added two extensions Text to speech and Speech to text. As clear from the name, speech-to-text means subtitles.


Just like Veed, they are using AWS API, so you might need to correct mistakes however it is super convenient to have a video editor along with subtitles.

The downside is it adds multiple words in each timestamp, but you can break it at any point, it works properly aligned with audio. Some people might get offended because it is a time-consuming process.

This Speech to Text and Filmora both are not free. Filmora will cost you $79 a time payment, and you will get updates for a certain period of time, after that you have to pay a small amount for updates.

The Speech to Text offers the first 30 minutes for free, after that it is available on a monthly subscription.


  • 60 minutes transcription
  • 16 languages supported
  • AI automatic transcription


  • Max 5 hours of transcription
  • 16 languages supported
  • AI automatic transcription


  • Max 10 hours of transcription
  • 16 languages supported
  • AI automatic transcription

Final Words

No doubt, adding captions to your videos makes them more engaging. So at the end of they day, it doesn’t matter either you can use any tool or manually add captions.

If you can match captions with your video style then it will boost your video engagement.

Overall, I think Caphacker is the best solution to Subtitleo since it is free and there is no watermark.

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