Toonly Animation Software – Dead or Alive?

Toonly used to very famous video editing software. It was available on

However, then Clickfunnels acquired this company. They have moved all the products only voomly.

Now if you search on Google, It shows you a different website. It has no relation with toonly but the name is similar.

The other day, I saw some people talking on Reddit about whether toonly is alive or not. Some people were claiming, the toonly is shut down.

Toonly Support.

That’s when I started looking into the matter. I immediately contacted voomly support to find out what was going on.

Here is what they have replied to me.

Toonly Alive

Then I asked about their lifetime deal since they had not mentioned it.

Toonly Lifetime deal

So yeah, toonly is not shut it is just not famous like it used to be. As I mentioned above, previously it was live on

However since Click Funnels acquired it, they moved all to

So toonly the website does not exist, that’s why it is not ranking on Google for the term toonly.

Should you Buy Toonly in 2024?

We have not seen many updates since click funnels were acquired toonly. CreateStudio is a better animation software than toonly.


In case you don’t know CreateStudio is very famous video animation software. it offers way more features and is way better than toonly.

You get access to 3D videos, and free text-to-speech unlike toonly where you have to pay for talkia.

You can also create doodly videos using CreateStudio.

CreateStudio Doodle effect

In other words, we can say

CreateStudio = Toonly+ Doodly+ Talkia.

CreateStudio is also offering a lifetime deal for $67 just like toonly.

So toonly is alive in 2024 however not worth it.

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