Transcript Lol Review & Free Alternatives is a new tool that does more than just turn your audio or video files into text. Powered by AI (artificial intelligence), it can also create summaries and help you write other kinds of content.

In this blog post, I’ll share my thoughts on and offer some other helpful transcription tools you might like. Review is a web-based tool that makes turning your audio and video files into text a breeze. How does it work? It uses a powerful technology called Whisper, an open-source speech recognition system from OpenAI. This is the same technology behind another tool called ListenMonster. can create captions for your videos in several formats (txt, srt, and vtt). But it takes things a step further with the help of AI. Using the text it generates, can also help you write things like:

  • Summaries
  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters

That’s all thanks to its connection with OpenAI’s API. These extra features can be a huge time-saver, especially if you work with long videos or podcasts.

Transcript Cons

  • Overly Long Captions: Even with a short audio file, gave me one caption section that had way too many words crammed together. This can make them hard to read. It would be great to have some control over how the captions are split up. [Include your screenshot here]
  • Slow Processing:┬áCompared to other sites like ListenMonster, took a noticeably longer time to process my file. ListenMonster starts working on your file immediately, without a waiting queue.
  • Bad Editing Experience: doesn’t store your original audio or video files, so you only get the generated text. This makes editing tricky, unlike ListenMonster where you can listen while editing the transcription.

Transcript Advantages

  • Powerful AI Features: really shines with its OpenAI integration. Not only does it make transcripts, but it helps you create things like:
    • Clear, focused summaries
    • Chapter breakdowns for long content
    • Catchy social media posts to promote your work The ability to customize all of this with your own prompts makes the AI features even more useful.
  • API Access for Developers: If you’re a developer or working with a team that needs programmatic access to these features, offers Business plans. While these plans are a bit pricier (starting at $75/month for 3000 minutes of usage), they give you full API access. Alternatives

While offers some cool features, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone. There are plenty of other great transcription tools out there! What’s best for you depends on the specific features you need.

Here are some of the top alternatives to

Listen Monster: ListenMonster is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a free and easy way to get transcripts. You don’t even need an account to start using it! If you need transcripts quickly, or want a great editing experience to make sure they’re perfect, ListenMonster is a strong contender.

Here are our current plans

Guest – No Signup requiredRegistered UserPro User- $37/lifetime
Max 10 MB File Max 50 MB file Max 1 GB file
Max 30 files/daily 120 minutes/month600 minutes/month
Speaker DiarizationSpeaker DiarizationSpeaker Diarization
Paste Links to TranscribePaste Links to TranscribePaste Links to Transcribe (YouTube, Google Drive, Soundcloud, etc)
Upcoming Features
  • Smart EditorAnimated Captions

We will add Ask AI however currently Animated subtitles and an even better-dedicated editor are our top priorities.

WhisperTranscribe: WhisperTranscribe is a desktop software (available for Windows and Mac) that offers many of the same features as

This includes transcripts, summaries, titles, newsletters, and more. If you missed their Appsumo lifetime deal (like with, they offer monthly plans starting at $15 for 160 minutes of usage.

One key difference is that WhisperTranscribe uses the more advanced GPT-4 language model, while uses GPT-3.5.

This means you might get even better results from WhisperTranscribe’s AI-powered features. Plus, you can try it for free and get 80 minutes to test it out.

Happy Scribe: Happy Scribe is an established player in the transcription space. They offer both human-generated and AI-powered transcripts.

With their AI transcripts, you can also get summaries, blog posts, and similar content. However, you can’t customize the AI output with questions like you can in some other tools.

Happy Scribe stands out as one of the pricier options, costing $17/month for just 2 hours of transcription.

Final Words

Choosing the right transcription tool depends on your budget and what features matter the most to you.

If you value customization and AI-powered summaries, or WhisperTranscribe might be worth a closer look.

Need something free and fast? ListenMonster is a great choice. And if accuracy is your top priority, Happy Scribe’s human-powered option could be the answer.

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