TurboScribe AI Review & Alternative

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TurboScribe is a transcription & subtitle tool that recently came to light.

TurboScribe claims to offer unlimited transcription and subtitles for a low monthly fee.

But how does it compare to other transcription tools in the market? In this article, I will give you an in-depth review of TurboScribe’s features and performance.

I will also show you some of the best TurboScribe alternatives that you can try. Whether you are a beginner or a transcription expert, this article will help you find the right tool for your needs.

TurboScribe Review

TurboScribe is powered by Whisper. It is a Free and open-source speech recognition model by OpenAI.

Whisper crushes existing speech-to-text models from Google, AWS, etc in terms of accuracy.

So you can expect a high accuracy while transcribing audio into text. Whisper is the behind many speech-to-text solutions.

TurboScribe is offering unlimited transcription at $10 if subscribed annually and 3 transcription per day to free users.

Turboscribe screenshot

Unlimited Transcriptions, How?

Since Whisper is open source anyone can run this on their server. It would help if you ran smoothly on your computer.

Previously you needed to use API for transcription which will cost you 0.02400 per minute. So it was an ongoing cost.

However, now you can host whisper and transcribe unlimited content as long as your machine can handle it.

Turbo Scribe hosted Whisper on their server. That’s how you are getting unlimited transcriptions.

That’s why TurboScribe is offering unlimited transcriptions at just $20/month.


The main advantage of using Turbo is you can get unlimited accurate transcription at a very low price.

Turbo Scribe lets you transcribe unlimited content at just $20/month or $120/year.

You also provide a background noise removal feature.


There are so many websites that are using Whisper aka ListenMonster.

Only Transcriptions: Many transcription websites offer summarization, Social media posts, and Articles however Turbo does not offer any of those.

Speak Recognition: When you have multiple speakers in your podcast then you will find out it is labeling speakers 1 and 2 to the same voice. Whisper speaker recognition isn’t very accurate.

Performance: Another disadvantage is performance. Since they are offering unlimited transcription at this low price it means low performance. It will be faster than manual typing however it is slow compared to other solutions.

ListenMonster TurboScribe Free Alternative

We are offering transcriptions for free. You don’t need to sign up or log in. ListenMonster is also using Whisper which means you will get similar accuracy


Guest users (without login sign-up) can transcribe file sizes up to 10 MB. Free registered users can transcribe file sizes up to 50 MB (You get 2 hours monthly transcription.

Paid users $37 can transcribe up to 600 monthly minutes. ListenMonster offers accurate Speaker Diarization compared to Turboscribe.

You also get the Paste Links to Transcribe feature. Share web links (YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive, etc) our system will automatically download and transcribe it.

Currently, we don’t offer summarization, Social Media posts, etc. However soon we will add these features.

Happy Scribe: Paid Alternative

Happy Scribe is another well-known transcription platform. Happy Scribe offers both hand-made and machine-generated transcriptions.

Happy Scribe also offers summarization. The best thing I like about Happy Scribe is their editor.

On the left side, we have transcription and on the right side, we have video. It also keeps highlighting the spoken word. It is very easy to correct mistakes in AI-generated transcriptions.

Happy Scribe recently also switched to Whisper API. It will cost you $17 just to transcribe 2 hours of content.

Hand-made transcription will cost you $1.75/min per minute.


Content Creators can find better alternatives to Turbo Scribe. It is missing so many features such as Background noise removal, Summarization, Chapters, Editors, etc.

However, Turbo Scribe can be a great product for students who want to transcribe lectures or anyone looking for accurate transcriptions at low prices.

Listen Monster is a great alternative to Turbo that is offering free speech to text.

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