YouTube Content Creators Stats: Latest Report (2024)

YouTube is the second most visited website after Google.

YouTube has grown a lot. Every day, millions of videos get uploaded. In this report, we dive into fresh stats. We look at how creators are doing this year.

Youtubers Stats that we will cover

Top YouTube Content Creator Stats

  • 2 million Channels Signed up Youtube Monetization Program
  • 31,200 Channels Have more than 1 million subscribers however only 11 Channels have 100 million subscribers
  • T series is the most watched and most viewed channel
  • Mr Beast is generating 54 million from Youtube earnings (Estimated)
  • Most common source of Copyright claims is Content ID. Most number of cases were resolved in favor of the uploaders
  • 8 out of 10 Small Business owner consider YouTube to vital for their business growth

500 Hours of Content Uploaded to YouTube Every Single Minute

Youtube Creator Stats
  1. Steady Growth Over Time: The chart shows a consistent and significant increase in the volume of video content uploaded to YouTube from June 2007 to June 2022.
  2. Early Years (2007-2010): Initially, the amount of video uploaded was relatively low, starting at 6 hours per minute in June 2007 and reaching 24 hours per minute by March 2010.
  3. Rapid Increase (2010-2015): There was a rapid growth in content uploaded between November 2010 and July 2015, with figures jumping from 35 to 400 hours per minute.
  4. Plateau in Recent Years: Since May 2019, the rate of video uploads has plateaued at around 500 hours per minute.
  5. Significant Milestones: Notable milestones include reaching 100 hours per minute in May 2013 and tripling to 300 hours per minute by November 2014.
  6. Current Status: As of June 2022, YouTube sees 500 hours of video uploaded every single minute, indicating a vast and active content creation community.

Number of Creators

Total Number of Youtubers Stats
  • According to Social Blade, there are approximately 65.49 million YouTube creators. This number includes all channels that have uploaded at least one video, regardless of activity level.
  • According to Wyzowl Number of active youtube channels is 38 million.
  • According to the Youtube Only 2 million Channels signed up to YouTube’s Partner Program through which videos collect ad revenue.

YouTube’s Subscriber Landscape

Youtube Subscribe stats
  • 100 Million or More Subscribers: There are 11 channels that have surpassed the extraordinary milestone of 100 million subscribers, representing the highest echelon of YouTube success.
  • 50 Million to 99.9 Million Subscribers: A total of 30 channels fall within this category, indicating a significant level of popularity and influence on the platform.
  • 10 Million to 49.9 Million Subscribers: This range includes 1,065 channels, showcasing a substantial presence and a strong follower base on YouTube.
  • 1 Million to 9.9 Million Subscribers: A significant segment of 31,200 channels have subscribers in this range, reflecting a notable level of success and recognition on YouTube.
  • 100,000 to 999,999 Subscribers: A large group of 288,800 channels are in this subscriber range, indicating a solid growth and a dedicated audience.
  • 10,000 to 99,999 Subscribers: This category includes 1,678,900 channels, representing a wide array of content creators who are building their presence and audience base on the platform.
  • 1,000 to 9,999 Subscribers: The largest group consists of 8,100,000 channels, predominantly emerging and smaller-scale creators who are in the early stages of growing their channels.

YouTube’s Most Subscribed Channels

Most subscribed channel Youtube
  1. T-Series at the Top: T-Series leads with 255 million subscribers, highlighting its massive global appeal in music and entertainment.
  2. MrBeast’s Rapid Rise: MrBeast, known for his unique challenges and philanthropy, stands at 222 million subscribers, showing his immense popularity.
  3. YouTube Movies and Cocomelon: YouTube Movies, a hub for film content, has 177 million subscribers, while Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes, a children’s content channel, has 169 million.
  4. SET India’s Strong Presence: SET India, a major Indian entertainment channel, boasts 166 million subscribers.
  5. Music and Kids Channels: The generic Music category has a significant following with 120 million subscribers. Kids Diana Show and Like Nastya, both focusing on children’s entertainment, have 117 and 111 million subscribers respectively.
  6. PewDiePie and Vlad and Niki: PewDiePie, a long-standing popular creator, shares the same subscriber count as Like Nastya at 111 million. Vlad and Niki, another children’s entertainment channel, rounds out the top 10 with 107 million.

Most Viewed Youtube Channels

Most viewed channels
  • T-Series reigns supreme with a staggering 241,464 million views, putting it in a league of its own.
  • Cocomelon – Nursery Rhymes takes second place with a respectable 173,901 million views, capturing the hearts (and ears) of young viewers.
  • SET India follows closely behind with 155,415 million views, demonstrating the immense popularity of Indian content.
  • Sony SAB, another Indian channel, grabs the fourth spot with 108,146 million views, solidifying India’s presence in the top ranks.
  • Kids Diana Show and Like Nastya tie for fifth place with 98,324 and 96,015 million views respectively, showing the immense draw of children’s entertainment.
  • Zee TV and Vlad and Niki share the seventh spot with 84,247 and 82,798 million views respectively, reflecting the diverse appeal of entertainment from India and Russia.
  • WWE and Colors TV round out the top 10 with 80,587 and 66,755 million views, proving the enduring popularity of wrestling and Indian television.

Overall, the chart highlights the dominance of Indian and children’s content on YouTube, while also showcasing the presence of established players like WWE and Colors TV.

How Much Viral YouTube Stars Earn?

These are earnings estimated of Youtube ad revenue.

Most money making channels

Top Earners:

  • MrBeast: Takes the top spot with a significant lead, clocking in at an estimated $54.4 million.
  • Jake Paul: Follows closely behind at $30.2 million, solidifying his position as a high earner.
  • Markiplier: Stands strong at $28.5 million, proving his consistent popularity and successful monetization strategies.

Mid-tier Earners:

  • Rhett and Link: Share the fourth spot with $28.2 million, showcasing their successful collaboration and diverse content.
  • Unspeakable: Lands at $20.1 million, demonstrating the power of family-friendly entertainment and gaming content.

Rising Stars:

  • Nastya: Makes a strong showing at $18.1 million, despite her young age, highlighting the immense potential of children’s content creators.
  • Ryan Kaji: Follows closely with $16 million, continuing his success from his early YouTube days.

Other Channels:

  • Dude Perfect: Earns an estimated $15 million, proving their engaging content resonates with viewers.
  • Logan Paul: Sits at $14 million, showcasing his continued presence and diverse income streams.
  • Preston Arsement: Rounds out the list with $13 million, demonstrating his successful transition from traditional media to YouTube.

Overall Insights:

  • Gaming and family-friendly content creators dominate the top spots, showcasing their significant earning potential.
  • Established YouTubers like Markiplier and Rhett and Link remain strong contenders, highlighting the importance of longevity and consistency.
  • Rising stars like Nastya and Ryan Kaji demonstrate the power of young audiences and engaging content.


It’s important to note that these are estimated earnings based on various factors and may not reflect the actual figures.

Number of Copyright Claims Submitted to Youtube

Number of Copyright claims
  • The most common source of copyright claims is ‘Content ID’, with 757.90 claims submitted.
  • The ‘Enterprise webform’ has significantly fewer claims, with only 4.66 claims submitted.
  • The ‘Copyright Match’ and ‘Webform’ sources have even fewer claims, with 2 and 1.73 claims respectively.

YouTube’s Copyright Infringement Claims and Their Resolutions

YouTube's Copyright Infringement Claims and Their Resolutions
  1. In Favor of Uploaders: There were 2.19 million cases resolved in favor of the individuals who uploaded the content. This indicates a significant number of claims where the uploader’s content was deemed not to have infringed copyright or fell under fair use provisions.
  2. In Favor of Claimant: In contrast, 1.5 million cases were resolved in favor of the claimant. This means that in these instances, the claims of copyright infringement were upheld, and the content was likely removed or subjected to other restrictions as per the claimant’s request.

This data provides an insightful look into the balance of resolutions regarding copyright disputes on YouTube, showing that a considerable number of cases were resolved in favor of the uploaders

YouTube’s Economic Contribution and Job Creation in 2021

  • The United States leads in both jobs supported and GDP contribution:
    • Jobs: 425,000, significantly ahead of other countries.
    • GDP Contribution: 25 billion USD, almost double that of Brazil in second place.
  • Brazil holds second place in both categories:
    • Jobs: 122,000, making it a distant but notable runner-up to the US.
    • GDP Contribution: 6 billion BRL, showcasing the platform’s impact on the Brazilian economy.
  • Germany, Australia, and the United Kingdom have significant contributions:
    • Jobs: Ranging from 18,000 to 40,000, demonstrating YouTube’s reach and influence in these developed nations.
    • GDP Contribution: All around 1.2-1.4 billion in their respective currencies, highlighting the platform’s economic value.
  • France has the lowest number of jobs supported but still contributes to GDP:
    • Jobs: 20,000, the smallest among the listed countries.
    • GDP Contribution: 650 million EUR, indicating YouTube’s economic presence despite a lower job support figure.

Overall, YouTube plays a significant role in job creation and economic growth across various countries. The data reveals a clear dominance of the United States, followed by Brazil, and then a group of developed nations with notable contributions. While France has the lowest job support, its GDP contribution showcases YouTube’s diverse economic impact.

US YouTube Entrepreneurs Finding Professional Opportunities

US YouTube Entrepreneurs Finding Professional Opportunities

This data highlights the positive impact of YouTube on US entrepreneurs who earn money through the platform:

  • Providing Opportunity: A staggering 83% of these creators feel YouTube presents a unique chance to build content and income streams not possible through traditional media outlets. This speaks to the platform’s accessibility and democratization of content creation.
  • Important Income Source: For 69%, the revenue generated from YouTube ads serves as a significant financial pillar. This underscores the platform’s potential for financial stability and even full-time livelihood creation.
  • Positive Professional Impact: Beyond income, 74% report a positive professional impact attributed to YouTube. This suggests the platform helps creators achieve their career goals, whether building brand awareness, expanding networks, or gaining wider recognition.

In essence, YouTube appears to go beyond just hosting videos for US entrepreneurs. It empowers them with creative freedom, financial support, and career advancement opportunities, solidifying its role as a valuable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Youtube Impact on Local Business

Youtube impact on local business

Local Spotlight: As many as 83% of businesses with a YouTube channel credit the platform for building a dedicated local following. This means your neighbors are actively seeking out your brand on Youtube!

Customer Magnet: 83% of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) using YouTube agree it’s a game-changer for expanding their customer base. YouTube’s reach opens doors to new audiences you might not have reached otherwise.

Growth Engine: Nearly 8 out of 10 SMBs on YouTube consider it vital for their business growth. This isn’t just about brand awareness; it’s about driving real, sustainable expansion.

Training Ally: 80% of SMBs find YouTube a cost-effective and efficient way to train their staff. Imagine incorporating engaging video tutorials and presentations into your employee development program!

Key Takeaway: These statistics paint a clear picture: YouTube is a powerful tool for local businesses to thrive. Building a presence on the platform can help you connect with your community, attract new customers, fuel growth, and empower your team. So, are you ready to tap into YouTube’s potential and take your local business to the next level?

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